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Two things made him sad.

I pass my life on the metro.  It makes it difficult to wake up in the morning.

Today, two men were talking behind me as we waited for the train.

Man 1:  I have been sad twice in my life.

Man 2:  When?

Man 1:  The first was when my best friend died.  His name was Étienne.  He put a bullet in his head.

Man 2:  Seriously?

Man 1:  Well, that’s what they told me.  I didn’t see it.  

Man 2:  And the second?

Man 1:  The second was when…

And then train came screeching sparking down the track.  I heard nothing.  The doors opened, people pushed on and off, raced to seats.  I walked on last.

Man 1:  … and I found myself googling ways to commit suicide.  That’s when I knew I couldn’t do it.

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