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We were piled three high on the sleeper train, six in a cabin.  The Russian up top went to bed right away and the Italian and the Argentinean couple went to go have some snacks in car number eight.  This left me with the lights off with the Ukrainian man.  

Him :  Are you French?

Me :  No.

Him :  British?

Me :  No.  American.

Him :  American, eh?  I visited Los Angeles.  The women were alright.

Me :  Yes, the women are alright.

Him :  Do you know what the say about Genoa?

Me :  They say lots of things, I imagine.

Him :  They say it has the most beautiful beaches in the world in Genoa, that the water is always warm and refreshing in Genoa and that the lemons are always ripe.

Me :  People say everything and nothing about most places.

The train had followed the coast and our window had a constant horizon, blue and more blue during the day but it was dark now and the moon bounced off the Mediterranean.  I took a sip of water through a provided plastic straw and he put his hand over his mouth to cover a wide smile.  

Him :  In Genoa, there are the most beautiful women.

Me :  They say that about most places and I still haven’t seen them.

Him :  Yes.  But in Genoa, they say you can call anyone any time during the night and they’ll answer.

Me :  What?

Him :  It could be three a.m. and if you want to talk to someone on the phone, you can just go right ahead and call.

Me :  Any time of day?

Him :  You just dial the number.

Me :  Sounds like heaven, Genoa.

Him :  Heaven indeed.


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This past week was a week of incredible extremes.

From the grandest endless expanses…

… to the most intimate proximity of living space.


From the most touristed of places…

… to paths unimaginably less traveled…

From the most grandiose forms of human expression…



…to the most simple…



and all the while reminded of the importance of time, of music passing, of moments taken and stored in a memory box of snapshots and familiar scents, of sunsets just missed and the endless lapsing of ocean waves.  This week, I was reminded of the importance of taking time to dance…

…to build…



…to reflect?…

…to laugh at the most silly of things…

…and to always continue walking…

…but most importantly…

…always, always the love.  

I had the most wonderful of vacations.

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james franco eats a room ALIVE.

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midnight train to venice.

Though I’ll still be uncovering some treasures in here while away…

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Caption Contest.

Whoever can come up with the best caption, I will send them a dollar.  Really though…

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