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Jeremy, Ellen and I recently had a conversation about super powers. I brought up what they would do with the super power of making anyone in the room with them have an orgasm of whatever intensity and length you desired.

Jeremy said he would use it to rob banks, just make everyone black out on the floor with pleasure as he took all the money. …either that, or for sports, he said. He’d get the ball in football and just make any potential tackler have a quick surprise in their pants. I told him he needed to make sure he did it fast enough, before they made any contact.

Ellen said that she would use it just to laugh. If she were having a bad day at a red light, the guy crossing the street would just start to enjoy himself a little too much right in front of everyone.

I said that after I talked to anyone, I would give them just a mini, tiny, almost imperceptible party in his or her pants as they walked away, like a nice wine that surprises you later.

We decided that it all showed a lot about our personalities.

Jeremy would use his power to make his own life a lot better.


Ellen would use her power to make her life a little funnier.


And I would use mine to make everyone’s life just a teeny tad better.

So here’s the question… What would you do?

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