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Triple Shot.

I told Ellen at a taco place that she needed to chew her ice after she finished her water.

“It’s a tradition,” I said.

“You know how I feel about tradition,” she said. “You keep that shit at home,” and it was one of the more profound things I’d heard in a while.

If only…


As I walked out of my yoga studio today, the guy from the pizza shop next door on his cigarette break said to me today, “Shit man, you do yoga? Are you like all flexible and shit? Can you like, bend over and make fart noises with your mouth on your belly?”

“Yes,” I said. “Yes I can.”

“Awesome man.”

“Yes,” I said. “It’s really awesome.”


I was getting a new phone number assigned to me recently. I told the operator that my brother was a little slow and I needed something easy to remember in case anything came up. My number now: 234.3455.

Sorry bro.

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entrance fee: $0

counting days is like

snapping one’s fingers –

every autumn passes like a dream.


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late night chess… paris 11ème.

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Here’s a small ensemble piece I composed for the Cygnus Ensemble performed in 2008 in New York. Enjoy!

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because i said i would.

ellen told me i needed to update with something.

“just take a photo booth picture,” she said, and went back to her geography text.

then she fell asleep.

… i followed through.

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I bought the fancy orange juice at the grocery store today, the one in the glass bottle that isn’t from concentrate.

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to get my oj fix. Groggy, I reached into the fridge, reached for the glass bottle, and instead chugged down eight ounces of our month old white wine we keep for cooking. And yes, it was eight ounces before my half asleep self realized it wasn’t orange juice.

I shrugged. It’ll help me sleep.


The Chicago Bears fight song was written in 1941 and is still played after every time the Bears score, even on safeties.

The composers second most remember song, “If I knew you were comin’, I’d a baked a cake.”


I was telling Ellen that yesterday, I hadn’t eaten all day and I had to run a whole bunch of errands and didn’t have time to stop, and barely had any cash in my wallet and just needed something quick before work. There was a Taco Bell right next to where I work so I ducked inside. The had a plastic thing on the counter where you could donate money to some charity, but if you caught your donation on the little plastic circle, you’d win a free taco, drink, or meal, depending on if you caught a nickel, dime or quarter. I dropped my quarter in, and won myself a taco salad.

Ellen asked me, “Was it good?!”

I said, “No. It tasted like improv acting classes in 7th grade”

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