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Let’s Make Some Things Happen


There’s somethin’ brewin’.

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Wind Swept.

One weekend: City lights in the rear-view, The Sunday Times, an Irish pub, sunsets, crashing waves, cold nights, sweaters, drive-up beach fronts, and books and books and books and books and books and the first glimpse of springtime sun.

Here’s to the warmer months to come…

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Merde, il pleut.

Brought to you by the always genius of Ms. Sarah Plovanich

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Lately, I’m wondering why disposal cameras were ever a thing but more than that, wondering why I got duplicates of every picture ever. I probably threw away 300 pictures today, all blurry, under or over exposed duplicates of poorly framed prom nights long past.

Polaroids are three bucks a shot now (and you can get into a Mayan jungle for that!).

You really have to want it.

It’s odd how there are periods of my life where in terms of pictures, I seem to disappear for a year at a time. And then others, I seem to have done an awful lot of existing.

And now I wonder… what’s actually worth documenting?

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Years back, my father had the life philosophy that he was young and poor so he might as well do whatever he wants.

Now, my father has the philosophy that he’s old and rich so he might as well do whatever he wants.

Either way, I think he’s got it right.



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NYC – Summer ’10

There are times I wish I still saw New York as the absolute center of the universe.

I used to tell myself that an art movement was imminent. In writing, in dance, in visual art, it didn’t matter, something was about to hit and about to hit big and New York was where it would be.

And sometimes I wish I still had that.

There was only one place.

You truly never run out of people in New York, and yes, nearly endless are the possibilities.

I haven’t come to terms with the fact that Manhattan seemed so utterly small this summer.

World got vast.

Such a tiny little island. How ever could it fit all those dreams?


Ahh yes, friends. The friends you call family. Those’ll always be waiting a subway ride away.

I truly do miss you all oh so dearly.

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Two roads diverged and I took the one less traveled by?

When have there only been two roads?

I feel like I have more doors open than a Canadian neighborhood in summertime.

I gotta remember, at least I’m still walking, and hey, there’s still a few arrows here and there.

And it occurred to me last Friday — or was it Thursday?

Right when the last years ended,

and the planets became misjuggled,

wet dog still smells like wet dog,

and the fireflies still light up a field at night,

but what really occurs never happens in public view.

Yet there are still the people who make the most intricate plans.

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January – Maisons Laffitte under snow.

February – He who jumps off bridges in Paris is in Seine.

March – Arthur leaps skyward.

April – Cinque Terre, Italy. Hiking… it’s only walking… for 7 hours. Bring proper footwear and a bottle of water.

May – Sunset over North Lake, Grand Junction, Michigan.

June – Late night lights on the expressway, Chicago.

July – Urban spelunking, Gary, Indiana.

August – Bean time, Chicago.

September – Welcome to the new bookshop, Austin, Texas.

October – Dim lights for Halloween.

November – This caused injury. Most initiations do.

December – Five days of a white Christmas. New Years Day in short sleeves.

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