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Ernest Hemingway died by shooting himself with a shotgun in the mouth. It wasn’t a pistol. It wasn’t in the temple. It wasn’t by someone else’s hand. It was a shotgun, he pulled the trigger, and the shot went into his mouth. There is no other way that Ernest Hemingway could have died. For him, this was a perfect death.


Albert Camus died young in a car crash. Though regrettable, and he was taken far before his time, this was a perfect death as it was an accident. Albert Camus could not have died anyway except by chance. For him, this was a perfect death.


On his deathbed, Oscar Wilde is reported to have looked up and just before passing into the depths, and said, “Either that wallpaper goes, or I do…” Perfect.


What are some other perfect deaths?  Or what would be yours?  If I somehow get electrocuted to death while blogging, I’m going to be pissed.

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