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counting days is like

snapping one’s fingers –

every autumn passes like a dream.


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Here’s what’s happened today.

I took off my shoes when I got home and saw that my socks were on inside out all day and it felt like the whole day was a complete waste.  Earlier, I found myself repeating the word “spoon” to myself until it lost all meaning.  

Spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon spoon.  

I spent most of the day on hold waiting for nursing home administrators.  All the places had fancy hold music with comforting voices that said things like, “Our bilingual staff will happily do whatever they can to make our residents comfortable.  Cooking their favorite meals, playing their favorite games, or even organizing fun outings, here at Lakeside Manor…” 

But here was my favorite: “We here at Riverside homes are committed to excellence.  Whether it be a need of a warm blanket, someone to talk to, or taffy apples, our staff leaves no stone left unturned.”

I’d go there, but just for the taffy apples.  But then again, whether or not I go to a party is sometimes dependent on how much cake there will be.

And then it was dusk and the house was empty and quiet.  And I like dusk when everyone has spent all day in the sun, resting now, you can smell dinner from outside the kitchen window, and whoever is on the couch puts in a bookmark in their book, lays it on his chest and closes his eyes knowing that when he must, someone will wake him.  That sort of sleep is light and deep at the same time.  

But today, I was just left with an empty house, tight shoulders, and the meaningless word spoon.


And just because I spend all my mornings in the garden, tomatoes, egg plants, blueberries, broccoli, all on their way, here’s a quote from Emerson that makes me smile.  “A weed is just a plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.”

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