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January – Maisons Laffitte under snow.

February – He who jumps off bridges in Paris is in Seine.

March – Arthur leaps skyward.

April – Cinque Terre, Italy. Hiking… it’s only walking… for 7 hours. Bring proper footwear and a bottle of water.

May – Sunset over North Lake, Grand Junction, Michigan.

June – Late night lights on the expressway, Chicago.

July – Urban spelunking, Gary, Indiana.

August – Bean time, Chicago.

September – Welcome to the new bookshop, Austin, Texas.

October – Dim lights for Halloween.

November – This caused injury. Most initiations do.

December – Five days of a white Christmas. New Years Day in short sleeves.

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too long.

it’s been entirely too long since i’ve swam in the sea.

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skipping stones. italy.

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This past week was a week of incredible extremes.

From the grandest endless expanses…

… to the most intimate proximity of living space.


From the most touristed of places…

… to paths unimaginably less traveled…

From the most grandiose forms of human expression…



…to the most simple…



and all the while reminded of the importance of time, of music passing, of moments taken and stored in a memory box of snapshots and familiar scents, of sunsets just missed and the endless lapsing of ocean waves.  This week, I was reminded of the importance of taking time to dance…

…to build…



…to reflect?…

…to laugh at the most silly of things…

…and to always continue walking…

…but most importantly…

…always, always the love.  

I had the most wonderful of vacations.

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