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J'♡ Paris.  Indiana is a chain of Tex-Mex restaurants in Paris.

J'♡ Paris. Indiana is a chain of Tex-Mex restaurants in Paris.

On the three minute ride to the train station today, I used all 28 speeds on my bike.  The 17th was wholly useless.


I like the sentence ______ is the death of art and plugging in everything I see.  The sidewalk is the death of art.  The newspaper is the death of art.  Pizza Hut is the death of art.


I don’t like to wear pants when I watch movies.  I have a feeling that much of the world population is with me on this.  This is the most plausible explanation I have found for why they keep movie theaters so cold all year round.

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Jed Hawkins woke up on Mr. West’s couch 20 minutes before Mr. West got home.  Good thing, too, because had Mr. West come home 20 minutes earlier, he would have found his daughter, June West, asleep on the couch next to Jed.  Jed would have had it coming, too, after that, what with the shotgun hiding up on top the bookshelf and all.

Lucky for all three that Mr. West got stuck at the bank trying to cash a check he had received right and proper.

“The check’s no good,” the bank teller told him.

“The check’s fine,” Jed said, “Check it again.  It’s just a different kind of check, you see?”  After enough ordeal, Mr. West cashed his check fine and made the walk home.  It was a long walk and the sun was hot and Mr. West was tight.  He had worked hard and did not like being told he hadn’t, and that’s just what the bank teller was implying.

So it’s lucky Jed woke up when he did and with enough time to roll off the couch and get his bunched up pants on up off the floor.  It’s not good to cross a man and especially one who’d been denied money he rightfully deserved and especially if some of that money was intended for you. 

Mr. West indeed intended to use the money to pay Jed back for the work Jed had done on the roof.  Jed had needed some money to move into town and Mr. West gave him some work.  It was just that June started noticing Jed while Jed was working up on the roof.  It was a hot summer and Jed got awful moist hammering nails till the veins in his forearms were bulging right on out his arms.  Oh yes, June West had indeed noticed those.

June West was pretty, though, and I don’t doubt that it was her who took off Jed Hawkins’ pants, him being bashful as he is.  But he woke up fine and just in time and made his way up the road.  So everything was just fine for all three.  June West got to be forward and dangerous as she likes to be and she got kisses, too, as did Jed who also got his pants taken off and made off like a bandit and just in time, too.  Mr. West, too, got his check fine and came home to his pretty daughter glowing in after thought and a kiss on his cheek and June then made her father a glass of lemonade and gave him another kiss on his cheek.  Mr. West wasn’t tight anymore and June watched Jed Hawkins’ footprints get winded over out the window.

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