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My friend Matilda was given a car for her 16th birthday.  It sat in the driveway with a ribbon on it and that night, after the surprise, after the tearful thank yous, near two a.m. or so,  a storm came.  Lighting hit the 16 year-old tree the father had planted the day Matilda was born.  The tree fell, crushed the car.  Matilda still hasn’t gone to get her driver’s license.  It’s been six years now.  “You just can’t ignore that,” she tells me.


Bleach expires.  Check the date on the cap before drinking.


There was a kid in my college dorm Sophomore year who jumped out of a third story window shattering his left femur.  After he came to, he said that he had been trying to have a lucid dream for months.  He said that when he jumped, he thought he finally had done it.

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