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Through west Texas

Through west Texas you told me I needed to take a step back

when all we had was yellow brick after yellow brick after yellow brick,

I stayed between the lines.

And that always bigger picture of things loomed

above us, gazing in through the windshield,

squeezing our cheeks like a grandmother, so proud.

For us, all that was were stars and stars and stars.

Hours crawled by a mile a minute and change.

You got quiet for fifty some odd ticks to the odometer

and I peeked over and saw your eyes open.

I flicked my brights to wink at you and maybe you missed it.

I took a step back.

What’s left when every thing’s ahead?

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Texas Rodeo.

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Don’t miss the pound of chopped beef for a measly $5.00.  Feed the family!

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January – Maisons Laffitte under snow.

February – He who jumps off bridges in Paris is in Seine.

March – Arthur leaps skyward.

April – Cinque Terre, Italy. Hiking… it’s only walking… for 7 hours. Bring proper footwear and a bottle of water.

May – Sunset over North Lake, Grand Junction, Michigan.

June – Late night lights on the expressway, Chicago.

July – Urban spelunking, Gary, Indiana.

August – Bean time, Chicago.

September – Welcome to the new bookshop, Austin, Texas.

October – Dim lights for Halloween.

November – This caused injury. Most initiations do.

December – Five days of a white Christmas. New Years Day in short sleeves.

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Rootin’ in Tejas.

Hey all,

I apologize for my absence. It’s been quite the little journey. My Ma, my Pa, Jeremy, and I shuttled our new friend Craig the U-haul trailer all the way from north to south, from Chicago, Illinois to Austin, Texas.

On the way…

The arch over St. Louis overlooking the grand Mississip, gateway from east to west.

…many a gas station.  I call this picture “Car Wash in America.”

Oklahoma showed us big skies, trucks and giant Indians.

And now all the way to the Lone Star State.

I’ve got a new job, new apartment, new roommate, and enough home baked bread to raise the temp to just over 105 degrees.  

Sorry to everyone for the lack of updates, but I’m back.  Thanks to all who visited and for all the notes while I was away.

If you know the perfect taco wagon or somewhere else I need to check out in Austin, don’t hesitate.

Until tomorrow mes amis.

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