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Triple Shot.

Down the hall from an apartment I was staying in, there was a welcome mat outside a door with multiple locks.


Walking into a bathroom in the Houston Galleria, I heard one tourist say to another, “I like how the bathrooms are in two languages. It makes me feel like we’re in a third world country.”


The street was quiet… too quiet…

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It is not that it made a difference in the café or
bottle of wine or changed footstep after
bootstep crossing streets and bridges.  
It did not alter the torn jeans.  It did not
wear down
any more the rubber heels.

If anything, he saved money
on phone cards and had an extra hour
on idle Saturdays.
If anything, it changed his
sleep tonight.  The curtains not quite drawn
closed, enough to let in the street light
to reflect off his worn leather
jacket on the coatrack
and her skirt,
bunched on the floor.

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Paris park with pigeons and fountains

last night’s wine bottle

tipped over

under the bench.

Late morning

bright paris springtime sun

open windows top floor

ten foot shadows on hardwood.

Scooters upon scooters

upon scooters upon

scooters upon scooters

upon scooters upon

scooters parked outside

the Japanese restaurant.

Accents down the

metro stairs

carrying luggage.

Cigarettes upon cigarettes

upon cigarettes upon

cigarettes upon cigarettes

upon cigarettes upon 

cigarettes piled up 

next to the sewege grate

after the rain.

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Triple shot.

No stories end tragically in springtime.


My friend Darius used to make me get diner breakfasts with him at 5:30 a.m.  He said people were more honest in the early morning.


I wish I knew a better word for beauty than beauty.  This thought always seems really profound to me after a few glasses of wine.

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